Led Blixtljusramp F912T3

Led Blixtljusramp F912T3

Strobe Warning Lights Bar, LED Police Lightbar
Housing: Extruded Aluminum
Lens: Polycarbonate
Integrated traffic direction feature
Multiple user-programmable flash patterns
Increased vehicle fuel efficiency
Brackets included: Universal Gutter Brackets

010801BR(A)(6) Amber arrow lilghts

Technical Parameter:
Other Dimension:   21" F912M     13" F912S

Model F912T3
Light Characteristics LED Power 66PCS 1W LED
LED Lifespan 100,000H
Flash settings 1-4HZ
Electrical Characteristics Voltage DC 12V
Max Power 92W
Physical Characteristics Colour Available Blue, amber and Blue-Red combination color
Ambient temperature -20--+65℃
Mounting Gutter mounting by brackets
Flash patterns 30
Product Dimension   124cm L x 32.5cm W x 5cm H(48.0 "L x 12.8" W x 2.0"H)
WIRE  5M length of 8 core wire

Application: Car and Truck 
Built to be energy efficient and utilizing TIR LED technology
An aluminum and polycarbonate house makes this unit study and rugged
Complete with gutter mounting brackets for easy to install.
It is also LIN 3 module for your selecting.
5 Meters length of 8 core wire : Red(+),Black(-),Green(Right arrow),Purple(Left arrow),Orange(Take downs),Blue(ON/OFF),Amber(Flash pattern selection),White(mode).
There is no need to worry about durability when you purchase this emergency LED light bar because the unit is made of aluminum and polycarbonate and is water resistant as well. 
Operators can choose between 30 different flash patterns, which can be customized to meet any driver's unique needs. A variety of solid and split colors are also available. 
Since 2008, the production of our popular F912T3 LED lightbars has been steadily tweaked to make it into one of the industry’s top-value warning lights for low-end use on cars, trucks, excavators and other mining equipment.  
These lights have been perfected to maximize stealth (height just 2”), fuel savings and cost-performance.  
The most recent change was in replacing rubber rings with packed PE foam for increased stability and waterproofing.
They are otherwise long-lasting, stable, reliable and - in an aluminum-alloy housing with plastic side covers - attractive. 
Along with competitive pricing all models provide various installation options for all vehicle types, including gutter and switch mounting with brackets to further reduce cost by letting customers self-install.
Further, all provide multiple functions, 30 flash patterns, 360° luminance, and each is also highly effective, stable, and reliable.  
One-watt LEDs in color choices of amber, blue, and red/blue combination are on tap, with the 48” F912 also providing an option of amber-colored arrows among its 66 lights. 
The other two models, F912M (42 LEDs, 21” length) and F912S (24 LEDs, 13” length), differ only in sizes, the number of lights.

They are both  mounted with magnets.  
All models are easily installed, maintained and carry a two year warranty, yet like all 911Signal products, typically has a long life span.
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