Led Blixtljusramp F5100BT4

Led Blixtljusramp F5100BT4

After twelve upgrades since hitting the drawing board eight years ago (as model F5000, which is still on offer), 911Signal’s F5100 has evolved as a supreme value choice for a wide range of warning light uses. The lightbar F5100 features trapezoidal-shaped ends for better 360° coverage.


Technical Parameter:
Other Dimension:    48" F5100AT4

Model F5100BT4(010631 / 010632)
Light Characteristics LED Power 54PCS 1W LED
LED Lifespan 100,000H
Flash settings 1-4HZ
Electrical Characteristics Voltage DC 12V
Max Power 118W
Physical Characteristics Colour Available Blue,amber and Blue-Red 
Housing Color
010631:Sliver surface
010632:Black surface
Ambient temperature -20--+65℃
Mounting Magnet mounting
Flash patterns 30
Product Dimension   76cm L x 30cm W x 5cm H(30.0 "L x 11.8" W x 2.0"H)
Accessories3M length of 3 core wire with A13-163 Cigarette lighter plug

F5100 Ultra-thin LED Warning Lightbars
The F5100 retains other new elements as well. It has excellent waterproofing, since we now use a high-end glue in place of screws and seal rings.  
What’s more, a number of electrical components have been upgraded and reconfigured into a simpler, more streamlined design for both lower cost and a more stable performance.
The stable, strong, yet low-cost aluminum-alloy housing comes in a color choice of silver or flat black.  
The latter is particularly popular for construction, mining, and engineering vehicles as it tends to de-emphasize exterior dirt.

*1- watt LEDs in amber, blue, or red/blue combination
*rated for 100,000 hours of use; one-year warranty
*controller ordered separately
*30” in length
*54 LEDs; 118 watts max output
*30 flash patterns
*magnetic mount
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